About Us

Florist Saigon is owned and operated by Saigon Flowers and Gifts Limited Company with over 20 years of combined experience in the floral industry. We have 03 Flower shop in Hochiminh city, 01 flower shop in Hanoi City. We are a member of the multiple florist networks and have delivery capabilities all 63 provices in Vietnam via our affiliation with over 300 premier florists from around the Country.

Florist Saigon is exclusively a floral design studio wherein our products are mainly fresh, custom designed floral arrangements for everyday Gift-Giving, Funerals, Business or events. When we Florist Saigon design studio, we wanted to make it an ultimate Gift giving Floral experience. This is how we defined that experience.

FloristSaigon in Shop 01 at 107 Ho Thi Ky Street, Ward 01. District 10, Hochiminh city

At FloristSaigon, we focus on our clients' desires, and wrap it up with creativity and detailed craftsmanship. Each bouquet is arranged carefully to capture your senses. Here's proof why we provide "More".

Only Using the Freshest Top Quality Flowers available guaranteed, that are Unique & Distinctive.

FloristSaigon "tastes/trends" for floral Design, are aligned with more metropolitan/ European influences. Our clientele expect Our Designs to be Signature, High Quality, and Fashionable Floral Art.
We always strive to provide the Highest Customer Service experience. Our staff is Always in Training so as to best advise you on the Hottest trends, Freshest Product, & most accurate floral & plant care. Paired with a High Quality Design, customized to the recipient, the final product is sure to please.

The finishing touch is our promise that your gift is then Hand delivered by a courteous & helpful Delivery member.
Ms Quyen - Leader of Florist Department
Another great advantage to doing business with FloristSaigon is our own Quality Control program. This is designed to best serve our clients by trying to improve our Service with Individual Quality Calls to all our recipients, making sure the flowers were Long Lasting, Beautifully designed, & courteously delivered. FloristSaigon’s Staff is always working to make your purchase the ultimate Gift giving Floral experience.
FloristSaigon & it’s staff, believe that even though we are a small family owned business, we can still make a big difference in our community & the world we live in. As a matter of principle, the design studio & the office practice recycling, organic composting and energy efficiency monitoring. The most rewarding aspect of our green business certification shine through the products we buy. Our purchases are mostly to fresh quality product from certified farms and beautiful quality gifts from environmentally responsible manufacturers.

Ms Huong - Florist at Shop 01

In the special days, select a most special gift for your sweet one, your families, and your friends! You only need to click the mouse, and the left things will be handled by us with pleasure for you!

FloristSaigon not only supports a great majority of domestic bankcard, international VISA CARD, MASTER CARD and JCB CARD online payment, but also supports bank transfer, postal remittance, door-to-door collection and other ways of settlement. All these ways of payment are secure, convenient and fast!

All Saigonflorist' staff in Hanoi City

FloristSaigon sets up an emotion bridge between you and the people you love! With FloristSaigon, your lover, your families and your friends are no longer far from each other. No matter where and when, you just need click the mouse, and your love, your emotion will immediately deliver to them. For delivery your love and feelings, we strive to do our best!

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